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The firm of Macris, Hendricks and Glascock, P.A. is located in Montgomery Village, Maryland. Since its establishment in October 1978, the firm has built a solid reputation for providing professional civil engineering, surveying, land planning and landscape architecture services to both public and private sector clients. Our philosophy is to provide our clients with superior service at a reasonable cost.

Macris, Hendricks and Glascock, P.A. has had continuous but controlled growth since its founding and now employs 55 people, covering all aspects of Civil Engineering, Land Planning, Land Surveying, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Engineering. The firm is highly qualified and experienced in all areas of land development. Using our in-house expertise, Macris, Hendricks and Glascock, P.A. can take a project from initial site surveys and feasibility studies, through master planning, detailed design and permit processing, to the completion of construction stakeout, construction inspections, preparation of as-built plansand final surveys.

The continuous involvement of the principals of the firm with each of the projects ensures that even the most complex projects will move through the design and permit process in an efficient manner. Our staff maintains a very comfortable working relationship with all the local, county and state agencies, and we have been recognized by others within the industry for our very good reputation. The firm realizes that continued growth and viability are highly dependent upon prompt and timely performance. To this end, the firm places a very high priority to providing not only competent services but also compliance to the scheduling demands of the client.

The staff of Macris, Hendricks and Glascock, P.A. has been carefully selected for their level of expertise, their overall experience in land development, and their ability to promote and maintain positive and open communication with our clients, with the public agencies, and with other members of the design team. The firm is broken down into departments specializing in different aspects of design, such as storm drainage, stormwater management, planning, grading, surveying, landscape architecture, etc. Before any final design leaves the office it is reviewed by the Department Head, the Project Manager and the Principal in Charge. This method of quality control has proven to be very successful for Macris, Hendricks and Glascock, P.A.

Whenever a difficult design or permitting problem is encountered at Macris, Hendricks and Glascock, P.A., a team of principals and senior staff members assemble promptly to determine the most appropriate solution. Drawing on this pool of knowledge and experience provides cost effective responses for our clients and our assurance that the service provided by Macris, Hendricks and Glascock, P.A. is the best available.

Featured Employees

One thing that we pride ourselves on at Macris, Hendricks & Glascock, P.A. is our ability to retain high quality employees. At Macris, Hendricks & Glascock, P.A., we have a tradition of annually recognizing those employees that have 5 or more years of continuous service. At the present time, we have 29 employees that fall into this category, including 24 employees who have been with the firm for 10 years or more. For a firm of approximately 55 employees, this is truly remarkable. A high level of employee retention means that our staff has had the opportunity to develop secure, long term relationships with their coworkers, the review agencies and most importantly, our clients.

New Employees

As proud as we are of our long time employees, we are always excited to hire new employees. We find that our new employees not only help ease the workload for everyone, but often bring new and creative ideas to their work and to our firm. If Macris, Hendricks & Glascock, P.A. sounds like a place where you might like to work, check our Employment Page for current job openings.

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